Yellow Gorse Bath Soak

Yellow Gorse Bath Soak
Yellow Gorse Bath Soak
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Yellow Gorse Bath Soak


Yellow Gorse is a small fragrance studio based in Dorset. Their therapeutic products are handmade to help you unwind, release stress & relax. Produced in small batches, each product is freshly made with ethical, vegan, natural & nourishing ingredients. All sourced locally from the Yellow Gorse studio, Isle of Purbeck Dorset. We adore the scents that they create.

Choose between two beautifully scented Bath Soaks -

Muscle Bath Soak (green)

Energising bath soak with lemongrass and rosemary to relieve tired muscles, stimulate circulation & encourage energy.

Freshly made with only natural ingredients.

Rosemary and lemon grass to help warm up & loosen tight muscles. Mineral rich Epsom salt helps to relieve tired muscles and is absorbed while soaking. Epsom salt aids cleansing, assisting removal of toxins while stimulating blood circulation, promoting more energy. Vitamin rich sweet almond oil. Anti-oxidant rich green tea. Cleansing, toning & uplifting essential oils. Oat kernel meal to soothe & soften skin.

Himalayan Bath Soak (pink)

Relieve stress & relax with this freshly made bath soak a blend of pure natural aromatherapy oils to balance, ground & soothe you.


Himalayan salt from ancient sea salt deposits at the foothills of the Himalayas.

Geranium : Relieves stress, Patchouli: Grounding, Lavender : Relaxing, Frankincense: Slows down breathing to ease stress


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