Midgley Green is a Contemporary Crafts & Homewares Shop based in Clevedon, 
founded by Katherine Midgley & Seamus Green. We are collaborators & curators for
collectors of products crafted by both maker & place.

We work alongside small batch craftspeople who produce playful, design led pieces for your home. The natural outdoors governs our tastes and informs the work that we curate, from the beauty of the grain in a fallen tree to the comfort and warmth of a winter hide. Each product is in tune with the land that we stomp, embracing where it’s come from through material and design. 

Our business values long established methods of making without losing sight of contemporary aesthetic.
We are proud of heritage, not shy of tradition and are determined to use materials found on our doorstep by supporting today’s makers who feel the same way. 

For a poetic take on Midgley Green from our friends at Together & Sunspell, please follow the link here.