Carved, Stained, Cut, Planed, Drilled, Routed, Sanded, Oiled & Waxed. Inspired by the turning tides 'Choppy Waters' is a series made in collaboration with
 Temper Studio. Founder George Winks applies his love of fine craftsmanship to every project he tackles. We knew he would relish a challenge so we approached George with an idea to create a simple serving board that could be wholly functional on one side and faceted to the point of being almost un-functional on the other.

Having recently seen one of his friends take off to sail around the world, her regular updates on the journey gave George the idea to create his ode to the sea and it's Choppy demeanour. 

It was fascinating to spend the day with George watching him make 'Choppy Waters' from start to finish. Taking a plank of seasoned hardwood in the morning and then by the afternoon waxing the final piece was a real insight into the skills that he has acquired through a lifetime of learning. The confident cuts, use of hand tools and knowing when enough is enough are all vitally important and effortlessly executed attributes that George instinctively uses. 

We felt very privileged to witness George working, what we saw was only the present state of Temper Studio in action. What we couldn't see is the years of gathering knowledge that preceded those moments. He recently said 'I've studied every table I've ever sat at and every room I've ever been in. All that research is swimming around in my brain somewhere. It's that knowledge-soup that can make the design process seem almost offhand.'

Using local British timber; Oak, Sycamore & Beech, Temper Studio have created a simple piece with sculptural beauty. From tree to product, these pieces of wood have been treated with a lot of care and respect to live a long life on shore.